Sensory Feedback..

Last night I created a workshop rooted around love and chocolate; 6 humans decided to invest their time and energy for an experience and inquiry into self love. I feel beyond blessed to have a platform to share space with anyone and for that I am grateful to my boss Ouma at Pure 8 Hot Yoga. She allows me freedom to express myself, my practice and my experiences with our students. I don't know any other way to connect thats not straight from my heart so thats why chocolate and love felt so right and I always go with what feels good (shoutout to YogawithAdriene on YouTube)

If you missed out not to worry, my next event is....MARCH 28TH, Saturday afternoon, so save the date, mark your ical and more details are coming soon...




I am getting ready to fly to Florida and head to SOUTH BEACH, woop woop! "I'm going to Miami...!" I mean I'm from Fort Lauderdale so its like not that serious but my husband is going to fly there with me for the first time together and meet all my familia! MY grandma, nana, aunts, uncles, cousins & he will only get a sliver since everyone has relocated all over the place. I don't get super stoked to fly back to Florida since I left for a reason, first and obvious is no legal Cannabis and that alone is a stress i don't live with. I choose to live in Oregon for many reasons and medical Cannabis is top on the list.

WEed got this!

I appreciate that you are still reading. 😘

I'll be starting my 2 week vacation mode this Wednesday (2.19) and back to PDX (2.27) to doggo sit my best friend Chloe for a week

I hope you learn to love yourself as much as Chloe loves anything. Her excitement to see me no matter what, any given day or time, is exactly how I strive to live, straight from the heart.

I am loving awareness.

I am the embodiment of all I have learned.




Rock on and make it a great day!



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