I embody my body.

Hello my friends! I have been wanting to launch an official website and blog for years but you know, fucking fear gets in and stays in if we don't move it. So I'm moving, flowing and fucking going for it. Woohoo! Finding my #fuckyeah is a practice of leaning in, listening and landing. PS (if looking for a good read/inspiration, "Find your fuck yeah" by Alexis Rockley is the book I just read and I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting this badass babe)

My brain is like Dory and I will wander.




Moving on...

Last weekend I attended the Northwest Yoga Conference in Seattle and dove deep into lecture, discussion, movement, stillness and deep inquiry. For those that don't know, I achieved my 200 hour yoga teaching certification back in 2013 at YoYoYogi and did multiple continued education workshops through 2015, than I started to teach full time. Now its been years of consistent teaching, learning and recently I had the itch to just immerse myself back in the practice, in a new city, with new teachers. Kinda like this new website, I just needed to lean in, listen and land! As I absorb the 30 hour weekend, one of the best parts was discovering a new mantra from my new favorite teacher, Jill Miller, the co founder of the yogi tune up balls (total badbass genius mommy) "I AM A SAFE PLACE. I EMBODY MY BODY." Repeat, practice, practice, practice, surrender. Never give up. Thats all for now! I love you.

Rock on,

Sasha :)

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