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NEW CLASS ALERT 🚨 _Y’all been asking me


Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a student of dance and a curious adventurer. I made my transition to the West Coast in 2008, with little money, I started waiting tables, which lasted a solid decade. I gained an immense amount of courage, a natural way of connecting to people and tenacity to keep moving forward.

Life happened and I moved to 
Portland, Oregon, my home for the last 10 years. Shortly after moving, I lost my cousin to suicide and this is when I dove head first into my yoga practice. I realized yoga was less about the shapes we create and more about how I felt emotionally and mentally in these poses. After daily practice for over a year, I went into Teacher Training at YoYoYogi in 2013 and continued my education with Jill Knouse in 2015 and Dee Dussault in 2018. 

As an experienced Yoga Instructor since 2013, my goal has been to lovingly support your body, mind, and soul connect. I incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, plant medicine, sensory feedback and meditation to help each individual create their own unique form of yoga. I am currently continuing my education with Susan Bass at the Sarasvati Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, to achieve my 500 hour certification.
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  • Jan 29, 4:00 PM PST – Mar 26, 5:15 PM PDT
    Kula means community in Sanskrit. 👇🏽 These classes are offered to ALL with love, intention and deep respect for plant medicine and ancient practices. Prepare to connect deeply to oneself. Cannabis is welcome but not mandatory in this virtual space. Motto: "Start low, go slow"
    Time is TBD
    rest and digest
    Time is TBD
    rest and digest
    We wish you a happy & safe New Year. We welcome our puppy Wali Blue Rose Morris on 1/08/2021. 108 Has always been a special number to us #ganjayogitribe and this makes it even more so. We will be busy loving our new family member. Check back for pop up yoga sessions and our virtual puppy premiere!


We are constantly and effortlessly in moments of transformation; check out the styles I teach to find out what best aligns with you in the moment.



Wednesdays 9:30am (PT)


This is my NEW virtual offering of movement vibrational medicine: integration of breath work, chanting and yoga postures while utilizing props & grooving to a curated playlist. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your mind, body and soul, gather your yoga mat and morning cup of tea and join me via FB and IG LIVE for this BRAND NEW CLASS

Create your hump day happiness!

*Donations accepted via Venmo: Loves2giggle* 


Fridays 7pm (PT)


Do you have a relationship with cannabis and yoga? Using plant medicine as a ritual has been incorporated in the ancient yoga practice for thousands of years. We gather together via Zoom and each week I offer a specific theme as we indulge in cannabis virtually. After we vibe HIgh, I guide us through an hour relaxation movement meditation. We are the Ganja Yogi Tribe, come exactly as you are! ALL BODIES WELCOME.


Sundaze 10:30am (PT)

Are you a day baker? Do you allow yourself one morning to wake up and bake up. You are not alone! Gather together virtually via Zoom with the Ganja Yogi Tribe, bring your digital device, create a sacred space, gather your morning cannabis, yoga props (blankets, pillows, blocks etc..) & perhaps a CBD Mocktail. We will indulge and stretch to start the day with good vibrations!


Play with my pussy don’t play with my em
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BLISS 🥰being on a cannabis farm 🌱, mor

"I am a safe place."

- Jill Miller


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